The Milwaukee Areas Skywarn Association (MASA) is registered with the Wisconsin Secretary of State as a nonprofit corporation. Because we operate for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has classified us as a 501c3 tax exempt corporation. We annually file IRS form 990. All d
onations to Milwaukee Skywarn are tax deductible and are used to support our mission to promote the identification, evaluation, and reporting of dangerous weather (and  to lessen the burden of the National Weather Service). This mission is accomplished by providing on-going awareness and educational outreach to all  individuals,  institutions, volunteer,  public safety and other served agencies requesting our resources. This includes (1) public  meetings and speaking programs, (2) educational seminars, (3) handouts, (4) newsletters, flyers, (5) two-way radio services, (6) internet and social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Zello), and (7) local, regional, and national E-mail lists. Our staff and volunteers are not financially compensated.
  EQUIPMENT "Wish List"   CORPORATE "Wish List"
 2 Way Radio
Equipment: Repeaters, Base/mobile radios, monitors, cables
 Audio Streaming Hard Ware / Software For Podcasting
 Broadband Router for mobile use
 Canopy tent with sides for public presentations

 Computers and LCD Monitors
 Dedicated Web Hosting Space
 Deep Cycle Batteries 
 Digital Cameras , digital sign display.
 DVD Player / Recorder
 FAX Machine using regular paper
 Flat screen TV display for public presentations, and Sound Bar.

 G-P-S Receivers
 Laser Printer / Pointers
 Power Supplies  (12Vdc, Inverters to 1200 watts, UPS to 1500 volt-amps)
 Micro Soft Office 2015

 Software; Adobe PhotoShop CS 4, 5, or 6, Power Point, Webinars.
 Storm Photos and videos, used for training, watermarks accepted.

 Video: Hardware and Software for streaming, Projector.
 Advertising (radio-TV-print)
 Antenna Space - Radio-TV-Cell, High Rise Building

 Conference or Community meeting room
 Direct Mail
 Graphic Design; copying, material hand outs, ID Badges, business card
 Graphic Information System (GIS) software/mapping
 Information Technology, DVD reproduction & burning.
 Paper Reams  8.5 x 11 inches  (copy, white or pastels).
 Public Relations; envelopes, letter head, business cards.
 Radio and TV studio production assistance
 Wed Design service/support
Expertise: Show your Skywarn support by telling us about your personal, professional, and technical skill sets.
"" will appear on your financial statement.
E-mail us at: masa<at>  (or) call 414-475-6200 or 414-327-5504 to speak with a representative. Personal checks or money orders are payable to 'Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association, 1960 South 79 #2 street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53219.
If requested t
ax deduction receipts will be issued. All donations remain confidential unless otherwise specified by the donor.
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